The hA²CG diet has been around for over 40 years, starting as hCG.  The designer, Dr. Simeons, injected his patients daily with the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin after discovering that hCG enabled slim, pregnant women to give birth to chubby babies by burning off excess fat and donating it to the baby. His rationale was that the hormone should burn off fat in non-pregnant women as well – and he was right.
Fortunately we do NOT have to inject hCG to get the benefit – homeopathic formulations of hCG work extremely well. A number of our clients are losing successfully after having struggled with weight, sometimes for decades.
At Riverdell Herbs LLC we use homeopathic hA²CG together with specially formulated homeopathic detox drops that draw out toxins.  Your body has been protecting these toxins with fat over the years and they have accumulated. Included in the formulas are flower essences to help with food cravings, and other homeopathics to enable the skin to tighten up after weight loss, muscles to elongate nicely and the mind to function well despite limited caloric intake.
Milk Thistle
The hA²CG burns off 1200 to 2400 calories a day from fat, so a very low
calorie diet is relatively easy to maintain, as you are getting energy from your own fat! Blood sugars  remain pretty constant day and night so energy and mood are good. Most people lose an average of 0.6 lbs a day – men lose more! The hA²CG induces a sense of well being as a side benefit, and most people sleep well.
The herbalist will check you to see if you need any other supplements according to your health history, and will also check any drugs you are on. Because the drops are homeopathic negative interactions are very rare. There are a few people for whom this approach is not suitable, but we have other options available.