A 2018 scientific study of over 70,000 adults found that eating organically may reduce cancer risk. Link to LA Times

Genetic testing is available through several companies. Use this link to get more information & order a kit from 23 And Me. Dr. Fidler does not receive any financial incentive associated with 23 and Me, only has extensive experience using their reports in plans of care.

COVID Vaccine Questions

Dr. Fidler receives many questions about the COVID vaccines. This podcast addresses many of these questions in a sensible way. As with many other vaccines, immune and well-being support can decrease the negative side effects without decreasing the efficacy of a vaccine.  However, if you have symptoms following the vaccine, please call the office as we have some herbs that will help in recovery. Diet, COVID, Cancer: An Interview with Donnie Yance.

Donnie Yance has written an updated blog on the omicron Variant and developing COVID-19, find the information here.

Lyme Disease Survey

Lyme disease affects people across the eastern seaboard. Dr. Fidler has extensive experience fighting Lyme disease (including with her own husband and son!). She may ask you to fill out the Horowitz Lyme-MSIDS Survey before and during treatment. Find the survey here.

Professional Organizations

Dr. Fidler is a member of two professional herbalist organizations: the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy and the American Herbalists Guild.

The American Botanical Council has provided research and backing for the medicinal use of herbs.

Herbal Medicine Resources

A Finnish herbalist, Henrietta Kress, has maintained a large website on herbal medicine for several years.

Chanchal Cabrera is also another respected herbalist with useful web resources.

Gluten-Free Resources

For Gluten-Free Resources, visit the GF page here.