What is a Herxheimer Reaction?

Any biochemical process that increases body temperature, assists immunity or directly increases die-off of the Lyme organisms can cause pain or flu-like reactions. Detoxification can cause mercury to be released: this may cause similar symptoms to a die-off. Getting well shouldn’t make you feel ill, but if you temporarily get unpleasant symptoms you can try some of the ideas below.

Lifestyle Preparation

  1. Drink more water – 96 ounces/ 3 litres a day.
  2. Enjoy a hot bath or sauna. Add 3 cups of Epsom salts and soak 10-20 mins before going straight to bed.
  3. Listen to joyful music and invite over your funniest friends for some laughter!
  4. Exercise & work up a sweat
  5. Stay off grains and maintain a low carb diet. Some clients benefit from a high-fibre diet.

Side Effect Management

Different symptoms and their management effect people differently. Try out some of these supports and discover what suits you.

  1. Alkaseltzer gold
  2. Liver cleanse with butyrate
  3. Increase your mineral intake. This alkalizes the body, slows detox and thus reduces the pain.
  4. Green smoothies
  5. Increase lithium orotate. Reduces neurotoxins and “brain fog.”
  6. L-glutathione capsules
  7. Oral charcoal
  8. Homeopathic viscum
  9. Detox footbath- call RH to schedule
  10. Coffee enema
Herxing may be an indication that your detox processes are “jammed”. Some clients have genetic mutations that make herxing more likely: if you are struggling with this we may need to do some genetic testing. We can then tailor supplements to enable successful detox without pain.
You may need to be checked to see if your body has particular difficulty with detoxification (methylation defects especially) which will change the kinds of supplements you can handle. If you are on Samento or Andro blend you may need to reduce the dose temporarily. If symptoms continue you must contact your primary care team.