Susan Fidler is not just an Herbalist, but rather a voice of care and concern for my overall well being.  I have been a client of Susan’s for over five years now and I don’t know where I would be without her and her staff.  They promote and inspire the well-being of mind, body and spirit through the simple art of herbs.  In fact, herbs have changed my life for the better and Susan has been there every step of the way.  She is not only and expert on the subject, but she is there to guide, encourage, recommend and listen to each and every question ever asked of her.  Herbs can be overwhelming and confusing, but once understood can renew the body and make it healthier than ever before.  It’s been a very personal journey to wellness and Riverdell Herbs has been instrumental in my success, I cannot thank them enough.

DES, Maryville

This lady is amazing, honest and works with her heart to help heal you. Im so grateful to have met her and her staff. We actually prayed together and over the herbs, yes the visit was surreal. Forever grateful!!!


Hello Susan.  I just wanted the world to know why I will always be indebted to you! As you recall, my daughter was having severe abdominal pains daily with vomiting occurring at least once a week. Well, long story short….4 months and approximately $10,000 later, we were no closer to finding a solution than when we started!  We had a pediatrician, an allergist, a pediatric GI specialist, a psychiatrist, an ER doctor, and a school nurse all involved in trying to find a way to help this child. She was x-rayed, scanned, scoped, and biopsied.It seemed as if she was constantly at Children’s Hospital for some type of testing. One blood test was over $1000!  She was put on  prescription medication that did nothing to help her. You, Susan Fidler, had my daughter COMPLETELY pain and symptom free in ONE week with only a $167 fee!!  You are an incredible angel on earth!  I cannot express enough gratitude to you for giving my child her life back when all seemed so hopeless! Thank you again! 

BN, Maryville