Preparing For Your Visit

Gather the following information and bring with you to your appointment.
•Current medication list, to include over the counter medicines and supplements,
•Most recent lab work (within one year for routine labs, up to five years of trended labs like HA1C),
•Radiology reports, especially DEXA scans for peri-/post-menapausal women or ultrasounds of organs, and
•Information on your personal and family history.

What to Expect At Your Visit

Dr. Fidler demonstrates TBM on a young boy
Dr. Fidler demonstrates TBM

In order to begin this process, a confidential health history will be taken.  This includes  family history, past health history, stress levels (very important!), diet, exercise levels, toxic exposures and drug history.

Some straightforward, non-invasive in-office testing will be done as appropriate. This may include Total Body Modification (TBM), otherwise known as “muscle testing”; allergen testing, retinal assessment, and listening to the heart, lungs or bowels with a stethoscope.

Dr. Fidler will discuss your options and preferences prior to making her recommendation.

On the basis of what is found, a custom blend of herbs may be recommended. Dr. Fidler will review what the blend is expected to do; test you for the recommended amount and frequency; provide you education about signs or symptoms to report; and provide a list of the blended ingredients upon request.
Dr. Fidler may also recommend other services and therapies available in the clinic or by third parties. Please see the recommendations page for more information.

What to Expect After Your Visit

If you have questions or need guidance regarding your recommendation or experience any of the signs and symptoms of concern, please contact Riverdell Herbs.
Any changes in your circumstances should be reported to the herbalist as this may affect what herbs you need to take. This is particularly true if your prescription drugs change.
Depending on what you are experiencing you may begin to see results  in a few days, but generally it takes longer for the full effects to be seen.

If you are experiencing a medical or psychiatric emergency, please proceed directly to an emergency room. The clinic is not equipped to handle these emergencies.