Biofeedback is a non-invasive assessment stress reduction technique that enables an individual to change some physiological activities to improve health. It utilizes an SCIO machine coupled with a specialized computer system based on the science of quantum physics. The computer performs an assessment, and the results are shown in the computer software and on a Clarity Report given to the client. The assessment provides information about the state of stressors that are most prevalent in the body at that time. Following the assessment, stress reduction training protocols are run on the computer to retrain the client’s body with electrical signals that resemble healthy energy fields. Biofeedback aids in stress reduction, pain reduction, insomnia reduction, brainwave retraining, and muscle retraining.

The National Institute of Health says 80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress. Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to help reduce the stress related to illness, injury, physical or emotional trauma, environmental toxins, work stress, etc. The goal is for the client to reach a relaxed and stress-reduced state whereby the immune system can function at more of an optimal level. This can result in an overall improved sense of well-being, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance.

Vanessa Blair provides Biofeedback @RH.

Biofeedback does not diagnose, treat, cure, test, or prescribe, and the biofeedback device is not intended to replace any treatment from a medical doctor.