Herbs have been used for thousands of years as a major part of traditional medicine. Although some of these uses belong to the realms of fantasy, modern scientific research confirms and expands the uses of many herbs as effective therapy.

Interestingly, new clinical trials are recognizing the traditional role of whole plant extracts which enable activity while protecting from side effects. Selecting combinations of these herbs is the job of a skilled herbalist. To effect change and to be safe, herbal selections or botanical medicines need to take into account any prescription drugs the client mayInula helenum be taking.

At Riverdell Herbs, LLC, we have a whole-person approach to health, understanding that life events, upbringing, environmental toxins, emotional and spiritual lifestyle all impact outcome. We are sensitive to those needs and create a balanced plan for each individual. The goal is to remind your body how to heal itself while providing the tools to do so.​​

From the Herbalist:
“I grew up with parents who gardened organically, have always gardened and have left a garden behind every time I moved, even when at college. As time went by I became disillusioned by various aspects of the way disease was handled and wished for a better way.  I studied Information Science at Leeds, UK and then Molecular Biology, did some research and later taught. It was when I was a homeschool mother I became aware my future vocation was as a herbalist. I began my retraining as a phytotherapist – and discovered that this pulled all of my passions together – organic gardening, biochemistry, research, teaching, spiritual wholeness, my love of people, health, and well-being – all on one page. With the support of my faith, my friends, and my family I am truly blessed.” 
Susan J. Fidler, ND, MS, BS.