Basal Temperature Test (Thyroid Testing)

Take your temperature using a thermometer under your arm first thing in the morning. Thermometers that scan the forehead or body are not accurate enough. Record your temperature for 5 days in a row. An under-functioning thyroid will show as less than 97.6º F.

Iodine Test 

An iodine patch test is supposed to measure the absorption rate of iodine by your body which will theoretically let you know if you are deficient or otherwise.

  1. Paint a 3-inch by 3-inch square on your abdomen, inner thigh or inner forearm.
  2. Allow it to dry before touching anything, as it will stain.
  3. Monitor the patch over the next 24 hours for color changes.

Your iodine test should last up to 1824 hours.

Collecting and Transporting an Urine Specimen

Maintain the following diet for 3 full days prior:

  1. No nutritional supplements, unless prescribed by a physician
  2. No gum, breath mints, and candy
  3. Do not eat your known allergenic foods
  4. No artificial food colorings
  5. No artificial sweeteners, candy, or sugar
  6. No alcohol, coffee, black tea, and sodas
  7. No laxatives or fiber supplements, unless prescribed by a physician
  8. No salt
  9. No beets, carrots, and berries
  10. No processed, “junk” foods.  Only natural foods
  11. Eat meat or fish at two meals per day during these 3 days
  12. Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water daily

To Collect the Urine

  1. Use the specimen cup provided by our office
  2. Collect your first urine after getting up
  3. Start to urinate, “pee”, and collect urine after you have started (mid-stream)
  4. Fill specimen cup to ¾ full
  5. Place the preservative pellet in the sample to prevent spoiling
  6. Screw cap firmly in place to avoid leakage
  7. Place in a zippered bag for protection
  8. Pack with paper to avoid rolling and damaging of specimen cup
  9. Keep specimen at room temperature: do not refrigerate the specimen
  10. Bring specimen to clinic as soon as possible or ship as directed