Urinalysis Directions

Collecting and Transporting Urine Specimen
The urine contains a wealth of bio-chemical information.  It is your metabolic diary.  All bio-chemical processes of your body leave residues that eventually find their way to the urine.  Thus, the urine specimen is ideal for measuring and monitoring your metabolic health.
For 3 full days prior to catching the urine specimen:
No nutritional supplements, unless prescribed by a physician.
No gum, breath mints, and candy.
No eating your known allergenic foods.
No artificial food colorings.
No artificial sweeteners, sweets of all kinds, and sugar.
No alcohol, coffee, black tea, and sodas.
No laxatives & building agents, unless prescribed by a physician.
No salt.
No beets, carrots, and berries.
No processed, adulterated, or junk foods.  Only natural foods!
Eat meat or fish at two meals per day during these 3 days.
Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water daily.
Drink 6 glasses of water for 5 days prior to catching urine specimen.
Use the specimen cup provided by our office.
Catch the first urine-pass after arising for the day.
Wait until mid-stream to catch the sample.
Fill specimin cup to 3/4 full.  Place the preservative pellet in the sample to precent spoiling.
Screw cap firmly in place to avoid leakage.  Place in a baggie for protection.
Pack with paper to avoid rolling and damaging of specimen cup.
Do not refrigerate the specimen.
Keep specimen at room temperature.
Bring specimen to Office as soon as possible or ship as directed.

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