Sugar Training Diet

Sugar Training Regimen
The goal of this plan is to help you reestablish the sugar control mechanism. You will need to follow it very closely for 2 weeks, and then items may be added back at the therapist’s discretion.

It is VERY important to:
*Drink 1qt water for each 50lbs weight
*Drink 3 glasses distilled water first thing in the morning
*Eat a serving of protein at each meal. This includes: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, milk, natural yogurt
*Eat  8 servings of vegetables every day, fresh or frozen.
*Eat 3 servings of fruit daily (fresh, frozen  or canned in its own juice).
*Eat every 2 hours if necessary to avoid blood sugar lows. Raw nut and seeds or raw coconut are good  snacks.
*Do 3 minutes exercise every morning as hard as you are able!
You must NOT eat:
*Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, sweeteners including honey, aspartame or Splenda. Stevia is OK.
*No flour, wheat, potatoes, dried beans, white rice, soy or soy products
A little brown rice or oatmeal is OK.
After 1 week you will need to be re-checked. If you “hold” a test, you may add back one of the eliminated food groups (i.e. beans) in SMALL quantities.

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