Herbs 101

Horsechestnut flowers

horsechestnutsMany drugs have been developed from herbs but traditionally herbs are not used like drugs merely to address a symptom – for example if you have a headache – take feverfew. Usually a herbalist will want to try to find out why you have a headache and try to address that if possible.

​​Whole plants are used in herbal medicine. This enables more than one avenue for their use – for example, feverfew cited above, is a good anti-inflammatory, it has anti-cancer activity and is very bitter – it is not just good for headaches.

When taking herbs it is important to take appropriate amounts for a suitable amount of time. Health food shop employees are rarely trained sufficiently to give you that kind of advice – it is important to consult a properly trained herbalist.

This is especially true if you are taking other medications.

Herbs address different body systems and can support a wide range of health problems. The following list is not exhaustive, but gives some idea of conditions that herbs can help with:
*Arthritis and joint problems

*Acne and skin problems

*Chronic infections


*Allergies, eczema, asthma

*Coughs, colds and sinus problems

*Cystitis and urinary tract issues

*Circulation and heart problems

*Digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux

*Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

*Children’s problems

*Poor immunity, cancer support

*Stress, stress management, emotions

*Painful periods, heavy bleeding, PMS

*Infertility, menopause, pregnancy

*Brain fog, some memory and concentration issues

*Recovery from surgery/long illness/debility

*Support for celiacs

Taking a standardized extract is not the same as taking the whole plant, as naturally occurring co-factors may not be at the usual level for best effect and minimum side effects. At Riverdell Herbs, LLC we use a number of dried and fresh herbs made into teas and tinctures so the full benefit of the ingredients is more readily bioavailable.

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