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The goal of herbal medicine is to help the body heal itself. By supporting the different body systems in concert with natural, organic herbs the body is often able to regain well-being and be energized to help you live more fully.
In order to begin this process, a confidential health history will be taken.
This includes  family history, past health history, stress levels (very important!), diet, exercise levels, toxic exposures and drug history. Some straightforward, non-invasive in-office testing will be done as appropriate. Other tests, like the metabolic urinalysis may be recommended, or sometimes blood work will be requested from the client’s doctor.
On the basis of what is found, a custom blend of herbs will be recommended, taking into account the constitution and preferences of the individual.
Using the laser for a leg lesion
Using the laser for a leg lesion.
Any changes in your circumstances should be reported to the herbalist as this may affect what herbs you need to take. This is particularly true if your prescription drugs change.


Depending on what you are experiencing you may begin to see results  in a few days, but generally it takes longer for the full effects to be seen.
Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I do not prescribe or diagnose.

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